Saturday 9th November, 2013

How To Have Them From ‘Hello’

In a previous post I talked about Emma Howie‘s triumph at the 2013 UKBFF ‘Stars of Tomorrow’ bodybuilding competition.

That article is about confidence and self-esteem.

This article continues on that train of thought.

Emma spent every day for over a year preparing for that competition. Hours of pain, commitment and effort every day for just those few minutes on stage.

And it showed, from the moment she walked on.

I was there to support Emma on that day, but I had no idea whether or not she would take home the trophy.

That was until the second she walked onto the stage carrying herself with the poise, charisma and confidence a winner.

At that moment, all other competitors faded away.

In every sense, Emma was fully prepared to win that competition:

  • Every day, for over a year, with absolute commitment, she did what it took to win;
  • By the time she set foot on that stage – in mindset and appearance – she had already won.

I know nothing at all about bodybuilding, but from a line-up of 14 contestants on that November day it was plainly obvious to me that the winner was number 57.

As public speakers we can all take something from Emma’s approach to success:

1. Work on yourself every single day;

2. Being mentally prepared is every bit as important as being physically prepared. Walk on that stage like you deserve to be there; like a winner;

3. How you carry yourself on stage communicates everything about who you are, so adopt the stance of the best in your field and show the audience your belief that you deserve to be heard;

4. Stay ‘in character’ from the moment you step on stage until the moment to step off stage. Take anything unexpected in your stride with good grace and do not step out of your winning persona, no matter what happens up there;

5. It’s not just about how you look. It’s not always about being popular, the most knowledgeable or the most quick-witted. It is always about having the greatest presence, the most charisma and the greatest rapport with the audience.

Preparation really matters. Don’t think you can step on stage with no prep and ‘wing it’. You’ll get through it, but the audience won’t get the best from you and they deserve the very best, every time.

(Note: The image above shows Emma’s progress over a 9-month period. Emma is trained by Brighton-based Zeus Fitness.)

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