Thursday 10th April, 2014

Amazing! Which superlative do you use too often?

Farah says, “I need to be trained out of using the same superlatives over and over again”.

Before we fix something that isn’t broken, ask yourself, are you really using certain words too much or is your negative self-talk telling you fibs?!

The next time you speak, ask someone in the audience to keep count of how many times you use the words you feel you are over-using. You may be surprised to find that the ‘problem’ was all in your mind.

If you still believe that you over-use certain words, here are two techniques to help you expand your speaker vocabulary.

1. Pause more. If you speak quite quickly when you make a presentation then you only allow your brain enough time to find words that are already ‘front of mind’. It is no suprise that your poor brain keeps coming up with the same adjectives and superlatives! Practise pausing before you start a new sentence to give your brain the opportunity to dig a little deeper to find a more exciting word.

2. Make a list. The best way to store interesting and unusual words at the front of you mind (your conscious mind) is by practising them in advance of your talk to increase your brain’s quick recall of these words. In the days leading up to your talk make a written list of the superlatives that you would like to use more often. When you have made your list read it aloud to yourself many times a day. By doing so, you are bringing these words to the front of your mind. When you practise your presentation, and when you perform it for real, you should find these interesting words become more accessible to you.


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