Saturday 12th April, 2014

Is there a way to help someone who stutters?

Julie asks, “Is there a way to help someone who stutters?”

If you stutter all the time then I recommend a speech and language therapist and/or a cognitive behavioural therapist. Speak to your GP who will be able to get you a referral.

If you only stutter when you speak in public, any of the following suggestions may help you.

1. Have a look at the advice I gave in answer to an earlier questions about ‘shaking’. It may be that your stutter comes about because you hold a negative belief that you shouldn’t speak in front of people because no one is interested in what you have to say. The advice in the earlier video may help.

2. You wouldn’t run a marathon without first warming up your running muscles, so be sure to warm up your speaking muscles before you speak. These include your tongue and facial muscles as well as your vocal cords.

3. You may find it helpful to see a vocal coach who will help you discover how to project your voice and to breathe correctly when you are speaking.

4. A relaxation technique called mindfulness meditation may help you to focus on your breathing in the right way so that you relax when you speak. Watch my introduction to mindfulness meditation presentation with mindfulness meditation trainer Anne Murray.

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