Monday 27th October, 2014

Can you fake passion?

Effective public speakers are passionate about their subject. But what if you really don’t feel passionate about the subject of your presentation? Is it possible to fake passion and if so, how? Authenticity matters. If you are inauthentic the people in your audience will notice and they won’t like it one bit. So it is no use ‘faking’ or ‘pretending’ when it comes to passion. Instead, re-connect with how the emotion of passion feels inside your own body and learn to channel this authentic emotion no matter what you are speaking about.

Don’t fake it, feel it

I believe is is possible to appear passionate about any topic, now matter how mundane, no matter how many times you have made the same speech about the same thing. They key is to become aware of how passion feels in your body when you talk (and think) about something you truly are passionate about (even if it’s only beer or chocolate!). In my one-to-one coaching sessions, I take people who want to appear to be more passionate when they speak through exercises designed to help you to develop your own understanding of how passion feels. You will then speak passionately about a subject and watch me do the same. We’ll both notice what it is about our delivery that communicates passion. You will learn how to channel passion and how to adopt a passionate mindset so that you can speak passionately at any time about anything. Learn more from this video…

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