Saturday 25th October, 2014

How should I handle interruptions?

Start as you mean to go on

It is best to set the expectation at the start. Ideally, ask the person who is chairing your presentation to inform the audience that questions will be welcomed when you have finished the formal part of your presentation. If the Chairperson doesn’t do this you can tell the audience yourself, although be aware that this little bit of housekeeping may disrupt the flow of your presentation (though not as much as audience interruptions might!).


If a person in the audience interrupts your presentation with a comment or questions, graciously acknowledge him and tell him that you look forward to answering his question and any other questions anyone may have at the end of your presentation.

Some speakers are able to deal with interruptions without losing their flow or running out of time, but it is a risky strategy, particularly if you are an inexperienced speaker or have a tendency to over-run or lose your train of thought. Don’t let your presentation become derailed by questions. Firmly but politely tell the audience that you welcome questions at the end of your presentation.

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