Monday 20th October, 2014

How will I know when I’ve said enough?

When you are unprepared you are more likely to ramble.

To avoid rambling, practice. Practice what you would like to say so that when you have an opportunity to make your point for real you will be prepared. Then all you have to do is say what you have rehearsed and then stop talking!

How can you prepare yourself for an opportunity to speak that arises unexpectedly?  It is a great idea to practice making your points even if you do not know when you will get the opportunity to say them in front of an audience.

People who appear to be great at ‘improvising’ spend time rehearsing their key messages just in case they may chance upon an opportunity to say them. This is great news because it means you can be a great ‘ad hoc’ speaker too. Rehearsal is the key.

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