Julie Howell

 I help people to communicate with greater confidence.

You might imagine that this means I show people how to stand, how to gesture, how to project and advise them on what to say and how to say it.

This is true. Partly.

With very few exceptions my clients have one thing in common: they experience feelings of low self-esteem.

Our self-esteem – how we feel about ourselves – is key to our happiness, yet so many professional people struggle daily with feelings of low self-worth, of ‘not deserving’ to be heard and of believing they have nothing of interest to say. The higher your position, the more of a problem this becomes as it is very difficult to talk about these feelings when others perceive you as a confident leader with no ‘weaknesses’.

Herein lies the irony. Low self-esteem isn’t a ‘weakness’, it’s simply a collection of beliefs and because we can choose to change what we believe about ourselves low self-esteem is not a state any of us has to live in forever.

I help business people, business owners, managers and people from all professions and walks of life to address their low self-esteem and start to believe in themselves as powerful communicators with presence, charisma and rapport.

I work one-to-one (usually over a period of 6-weeks in a programme tailored to your individual needs) or in groups in-house or in public workshops.

This is public speaking training, but the results are increased feelings of self-worth, enjoyment of communicating and real pride in who you are and what you have achieved, all things worth striving for.

Working with Julie

I coach people in:

  • public speaking
  • job interview & CV skills
  • media training
  • presentation skills
  • pitching
  • university entrance interview skills
  • speaking at weddings or funerals
  • communications confidence

I will challenge you

Our sessions will be fun. There will be laughter, insight and many ‘lightbulb’ moments. They will also be challenging. The goal is not to help you feel comfortable about where you are now, but to show you how to make positive changes in the way you communicate so that you can have greater influence over what happens in your life from this time forth.

Perhaps you want a pay rise. Or better conditions at work. Maybe you have a hidden medical condition that you wish you could disclose with confidence. Perhaps you don’t feel heard in team meetings or feel overlooked for promotion. These are all really good reasons to seek my help.

People who work with me say they now get what they want, feel better about themselves & show a marked difference in their confidence.

People who work with me also say that I am kind and nurturing, clear and honest. In particular, I am very experienced in working with people with long-term conditions and disabilities so if that’s you don’t be afraid to tell me what you need to make our time together go as well as it possibly can. I am extremely flexible in the hours and ways that I work and as a public speaker with more than 20 years of professional experience there are very few situations that I haven’t encountered myself.

I will show you a range of techniques that will help you to get your point across with passion and memorability. I will show you how to engage an audience to challenge and change the way they think.

If ‘being more effective’ is on your list of personal goals, drop me a line and let’s work together.


Julie Howell


Inspiring Action

Believe you can make a difference in your community, your industry, the world.


Credits: the headshots of Julie on this page and the homepage were taken by JB Cole Photography.